General Testing

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Customized services are available to meet your changing needs. All of our collectors and certified phlebotomists are ADL employees

See our current state-specific listings of medical insurance partners click here. If you do not see your insurance carrier, please call as insurance partners are being added frequently. For information on our capitated services call 267-525-2470 x 0 and a live customer service representative will help.

Customer Service is Our Priority

For STAT pickups, call the lab anytime. We have drivers available 24/7 (fees will apply for STAT courier service). To utilize ADL couriers, please provide a parking area. Notification of any incoming STAT tests is necessary. Please call 267-525-2470 before the courier leaves your facility so that we can assure you the quickest turnaround time.

Home Draws

Our extensive network of in-house certified phlebotomists provides skilled and compassionate service to homebound patients. House calls are available for patients in the five-county Philadelphia regions and Southern NJ. We provide house calls 5 days per week, Monday through Friday with same day result reporting for routine clinical tests: CBC, Chemistry, HgbA1c, PT, PTT, and therapeutic drug levels.

Long Term Care / Assisted Living

We provide superior service and result turnaround time in the Nursing Home, Long Term Care and Assisted Living Industry. Our in-house phlebotomists are certified, skilled, and compassionate.

Benefits of ADL:

  • Daily in-house recurrent phlebotomist for AM rounds (Mon -Fri)
  • Daily courier service
  • STAT services available 24 / 7 / 365
  • Same day turnaround time on routine blood (by 2 pm)
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (includes Antidepressants)
  • Specialty Antimicrobial testing (click here for information)
  • Online HIPAA compliant web portal
  • Result interfacing to PointClickCare and all EMR’s
  • Live customer service assistance
  • Infectious disease confirmation testing (including but not limited to)
    • HCV, HBC, HIV
    • HCV Genotyping
    • CD4/T cell flow cytometry

Pre-employment Testing

ADL performs pre-employment testing including Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus, MMR, Varicella zoster, and Drug Testing with personalized drug panels.

Diabetes and Prediabetes

Heart Disease and Stroke

What is Tuberculosis?

The CDC states, ‘Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. Not everyone infected with TB bacteria becomes sick. As a result, two TB-related conditions exist: latent TB infection (LTBI) and TB disease. If not treated properly, TB disease can be fatal.’

Guidelines from the CDC on Who Should be Tested:

Certain people should be tested for TB infection because they are at higher risk for being infected with TB bacteria, including:

  • People who have spent time with someone who has TB disease
  • People from a country where TB disease is common (most countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia)
  • People who live or work in high-risk settings (for example: correctional facilities, long-term care facilities or nursing homes, and homeless shelters)
  • Health-care workers who care for patients at increased risk for TB disease
  • Infants, children and adolescents exposed to adults who are at increased risk for latent tuberculosis infection or TB disease.

For more information on Tuberculosis, follow this link

Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus)

ADL Test number:  1137 Quantiferon TB Gold Plus
CPT code:  86481

QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) is a simple blood test that aids in the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), the bacteria which causes tuberculosis (TB). It is the simpler, more affordable way to test for TB infection that produces more accurate results than the century-old tuberculin skin test (TST). QFT-Plus is an indirect test for M. tuberculosis infection (including disease and is intended for use in conjunction with risk assessment, radiography, and other medical and diagnostic evaluations.

New landmark TBESC study demonstrates the benefits of TB blood tests.