Drug Testing

Drug Rehab Clinics/Drug Free | Employee Testing | Inpatient/Outpatient Behavioral Health | MAT (Methadone, Suboxone, Vivitrol) | Pain Management

ADL provides:

ADL provides:

  • HIPAA compliant online ordering/resulting portal with standing order and statistical analysis
  • EMR and HIS bi-directional (order & result) interfaces
  • Customized drug panel available
  • Confirmation testing on all positive samples or by request utilizing Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)
  • Board certified Forensic Toxicologist accessible for consultations
  • Courier Pick-ups
  • On site phlebotomy available
  • Same day result reporting for routine testing for:  Intakes, AM Rounds, Clozaril Clinics

Employee Testing

Do you have an employee substance use program at your business?

We offer chain of custody substance use testing on urine and oral fluid in one succinct report for:

    • Common drugs of abuse
    • Prescribed medications
    • Non-prescribed medications


 “ADL results appear timely on the online portal.  They have been extremely helpful with the availability and expertise of Dr. Carl and he provides detailed explanations of UDS results to help our treatment team make informed decisions so we are better able to help our clients.  Customer service is quick and easily accessible.  I recommend ADL services.”

Kourtney N., Service Coordinator of D&A Outpatient- Chester, PA.

“Our ADL phlebotomist arrived on time and was very independent.  To my amazement our participants were very relaxed.  This phlebotomist seemed very accustomed around mental health patients.  She was in and out without a hitch!  She is now our permanent phlebotomist per my request.  I would recommend ADL to any behavioral health or substance abuse program.”

Sandy, Administrative Assistant – Mental Health Partnerships

“As a drug and alcohol facility, having a reliable lab is important so we can stay compliant.  We are a 24-hour assessment facility in Buck’s County, PA. and do a large amount of screenings for Judges, CYS, and probation.  We need confirmation results and they need to be done in a timely manner.  ADL has always been able to accommodate us and we get our results back in less than 24 hours.  I have recommended ADL in the past stating how quick and professional the lab is and I am very glad we switched to ADL.  I highly recommend ADL.”

Tracey Kirschner, R.N. Nurse Manager – Gaudenzia Lower Bucks

“ADL delivers timely results, which enables us to address client issues quickly to avoid further decline.  ADL is a great partner in treating our clients.  The set up was done quickly and efficiently.  Their Lab Manager is always available to answer questions and quickly problem solve.  The turnaround time for test results is 24 hours for most tests.  We would definitely recommend ADL services for behavioral health care.  ADL provides an important objective piece of data to assist us in making medical decisions that affect the lives of our clients.  Our clients have complicated issues and the precision, accuracy, and timeliness of ADL services are essential in providing quality care.”

Recovery Network Programs, Inc.

“ADL service is very effective and I like the ability to speak to my Business Development Representative anytime.   We will recommend ADL.”

Kelvin Telesford, Manager – Stable Community Services