About Us

ADL Core Values & Culture


At ADL, we assist clinicians with accurate testing results so they can continue their patients’ care plan. We recognize there is a real person behind every sample. Our certified and professional staff empowers us to deliver more personalized service and support through continuous innovation. We put the patient first.


To provide the best service and support to our patients and clients through personalization and innovation.


To put our patients and clients first by providing timely, accurate, and progressive testing and always being accessible.


Maintain integrity and professionalism

  • I do the right thing
  • I work with intention

Maintain safety and standards

  • I practice and promote regulations
  • I am continually learning and improving

Maintain positivity and compassion

  • I deliver service and support

Maintain empathy and sensitivity

  • I maintain privacy and compassion
  • I treat everyone with respect

Maintain commitment and engagement

  • I am present and committed to internal and external customers
  • I focus on quality and accessibility

Maintain leadership and communication

  • I arrive with intention and foster teamwork
  • I seek help when in need