Forensic Toxicology

Criminal Justice | Correctional Facilities | Coroners & Medical Examiners | Post-Mortem (MLDI) Testing

Criminal Justice & Correctional Facilities 

Offering professionals who understand correctional health care with a customized formulary test menu and requisition. ADL provides urine, oral, and blood testing for criminal justice cases.

Coroners/Medical Examiners services in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Services include:

  • Comprehensive personalized drug panels for regionally prevalent drugs
  • Confirmations at a fixed cost
  • Complete clinical chemistry and microbiology testing (performed in- house)
  • Board Certified Toxicologist interpretation of results for simple and complex postmortem alcohol and drug-related cases
  • Customized scientific expert reports for case resolutions with families
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Toxicologist-directed consultations and seminars on specialty alcohol and drug-use
  • Unique real-time insights on potential overdose issues

Employee Testing 

A safer work environment includes employee testing. ADL provides chain of custody with 24 hour turnaround time for screening and 48 hour turnaround time for LC-MS/MS confirmations.

We offer chain of custody substance use testing on urine and oral fluid for:

  • Common drugs of abuse
  • Prescribed medications
  • Non-prescribed medications

All in one succinct report