PolypDxTest™ Benefits

  • PolypDx™ is a revolutionary tool that is patient friendly and capable of detecting individuals at risk for developing colorectal cancer.
  • PolypDx™ was validated in a clinical trial of nearly 1000 patients, demonstrating a higher sensitivity than the fecal based tests (FOBT/ FIT) for detecting adenomatous polyps.
  • PolypDx™ does not require any unpleasant bowel cleansing preparation, nor unsanitary handling of stool, and does not have any health risks.
  • PolypDx™ is fast and simple – just a small urine sample is required!

PolypDx™ is intended for individuals at average to moderate risk for colorectal cancer. Screening should be performed annually for those between 50 and 74 years.

Over 53,000 people are diagnosed with CRC every year in the United States.

Don’t Delay. Ask your Doctor if PolypDx™ is right for you!

Polyp and CRC Facts

  • Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and the third most common cancer.
  • Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States and it is the second and third most common cause of death from cancer in American men and women, respectively.
  • The relative 5-year survival rate for colorectal cancer when diagnosed at an early stage is about 90%, however only about 40% colorectal cancers are found at that early stage.
  • Polyps are common, occurring in 30-50% of adults.
  • Adenomatous polyps have the potential to become cancerous.
  • Two-thirds of all polyps are adenomatous polyps.
  • Adenomatous polyps can be completely and safely removed, thus preventing the progression into colorectal cancer.