Why Choose ADL?

For Healthcare Professionals

  • ADL offers an extensive list of bi-directional interface companies to our clients.
  • ADL provides fully automated online ordering to its clients.
  • We make continual advances in laboratory testing and offer specialty testing including:
    • The first urine-based test for detecting adenomatous polyps (the precursor to colorectal cancer)
    • We offer same-day-turn-around time for 3rd & 4th generation Antibiotic testing available to Pharmacists 24/7.
  • ADL has provided 24/7-365 STAT Toxicology and TDM testing (for Hospitals/Doctors) to virtually every hospital in the Northeast region for over 25 years.
  • Live, subject experts available during working hours.
  • We continuously provide ongoing employee training in laboratory advances.

For Patients

  • We are a longstanding clinical laboratory providing fast and accurate results for over 30 years.
  • ADL is a progressive state-of-the-art facility providing ongoing LIVE personnel answering your call 24/7.
  • We have had an in-house billing service for over 30 years accepting over 300 insurance plans including:
  • We continue to increase our draw center locations in many states with no appointment necessary and convenient hours. We do NOT close for lunch!