Pain Management Centers

Stop putting your medical license at risk! Test your patients for substance abuse and signs of addiction before prescribing more pain medication.

Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC (ADL) has developed a program called "Defined Compliance of Patient's Medication Program" (DCPM). This program includes diagnostic laboratory Urine and Oral Fluid Drug Testing for common drugs, confirmation of prescribed drugs, as well as detection of nonprescribed drugs all in one succinct report.

Why Test?

Pain medications have been known to be abused by patients through overdose, diversion, noncompliance and in combination with other non-prescribed drugs.

Due to this increased abuse, regulatory agencies have established stricter Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP), and have increased enforcement of regulations at physicians' practices.

Are You At Risk?

You are exposed to liability and regulatory action if your practice does not have an effective PDMP in place. Our customized drug testing and results give you all you need to ensure your patients are taking their prescription medication and not abusing other substances. We give accurate, timely results that ensure compliance for your practice.

Contact an ADL Representative for more information.

In addition, our unique DCPM program includes:
  • Variable Test Matrix: Urine and Oral Fluid
  • Customized Drug Panels and Test Reports
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Interfaces
  • Rapid Reporting: 24 hours for screen and 36-72 hours for confirmations
  • Drug cross reactivity and contraindications
  • Online test ordering and reporting, data management and historical reports
  • Highest sensitivity and specificity testing by: Ultra performance LC/MS/MS, HPLC
  • Highest levels of lab certifications; CLIA, CAP FORENSIC
  • Consultations by our highly experienced and renowned toxicologist
  • Prompt pickup via couriers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • Nationwide pickups available through our logistics partners (FedEx & UPS)