SARS CoV-2 Semiquantitative Antibody Testing


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#601 SARS CoV-2 Semiquantitative Antibody Test FAQS (revised 3/1/2021)

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For more information on CoVID-19 testing call us at 866-465-6763 or fill out the convenient patient form below. 

If you think you have been exposed to CoVID-19 and develop a fever
or other symptoms (cough or difficulty breathing) please call your healthcare provider for medical advice.

Important Patient Information:

  • If you have symptoms of CoVID-19 we strongly recommend that you contact your healthcare provider before coming to an ADL patient service center.
  • Patients self-referrals (cash pay)
    – Cash or credit card – $52.00 test fee and $23.00 draw fee


  • A doctor’s order is required for patients.
  • A credit card is required at the time of collection. Your designated credit card will be put on hold for any balance due in the event your insurance carrier does not pay for testing.
  • A collection fee ($23.00) is due at time of sample collection.
  • ADL will accept the payment from your insurance company as balance paid, unless there is a co/pay or deductible on your plan.
  • Please click here for ADL accepted insurances. For the most accurate information, please call our home office at 866-465-6763.

    *ADL will bill the patient’s insurance provider, if the claim is denied the authorized card holder will be responsible for the test fee up to the amount of $75. If needed, we will provide a claim form to file with your insurance provider.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration

The NJ Department of Health

The Pennsylvania Department of Health

The New York Department of Health

The Connecticut Department of Health