T-SPOT, TB Test Now Available


Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories is proud to offer our new TB test. Unlike the tuberculin skin test (PPD) the T-SPOT test only requires one visit to get a result. No more return trips to read the skin. Approved in 2008 by the FDA, T-SPOT will rule out patients that have had the BCG vaccine. A positive test means the patient has either an Active or Latent TB infection.

All testing is performed in house and is run on a routine basis with a 48 hour TAT. Please call us to see how you can eliminate needless return visits for the skin readings and unnecessary questioning for patients that have had the BCG vaccine.

Test Number: 1152

Collection Requirements:
Blood/Serum- Two (2) 6ml Green Top- Sodium Heparin tubes (filled completely to line)

Result TAT:
Routine- 48 hours
STAT- non-STAT test- all orders are routine

Darin Domenico

T-Spot Press Release.pdf

For more information, contact an ADL Representative.